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are currently underway, in the most threatened regions. ocean city is expected toofeel the effects. jeff abell is standing by live -n ocean city with a look at th3 eastern shore and how it is preparing. >>weel, city leaders today began to take preliminary precautions, but they are not expecting the brunt f this storm. here on the boardwalk tonighh it looos and feels like a typical sleepy summer weekend night. but all of that is aboou to change.ú >> it may look like the start to a perfect weekend. sun is out. and the surf is way up. >> the water is warm. but he waves are rough. especially under the water. it is flippiig you around. swimmers n ocean citt today were restricted to knee high waters. still, there weee plenty of and injuries. >> i slipped. i hit my head on a bblder. i gottthis. i don't know how. >> trying to get away from the waves. -hen you run and run n top of the rocks. >> witt ocean city under a hurricane watch, city leaders are bracing for an emergency. >> we do anticipate the storm -assing off the shore. about 200 miles offshhre, from ocean city. we are going to get some t
pointers. jeff abell joining us now tonight with a wwrning from police. >> reporter: in ocean city they are pppular souvenirs. you can buy them on the board walk but point them to the sky and the results can proof deaddy. this youtube viieo shows juss how distorting lasers can be. state police ay they''e had problems with lasers this summer, especially when people point them at police helicopter. >> if the flight crew becomes &--aser, the total control of te aircraft is lost at this point. >> reporttr: police say it's laws dealing with it, violators could be charged witt of whippeddering are police. jeff abell, fox 45 news at 5:30. >> thank you, jeff. >>> blizzards, oppressive heat waves, destructive hurricanes. maryland has been nn stranger recently to extreme weather events and there could be evee more on the way. environment marylaan says theee events will beccme more frequent if more is not done to stop global work. talked more in fell's point. ú& we need actual governmental change. we need like policc changes, nt only heee in the state of maryland but across the nation as w
stage at tonight's debate for city state's attorney..3 jeff abell is standing by live at the university of baltimore %-hhated at imes.he debate was jeff??3 >> yes, you arr right with a week to go before ellction day, candiddtes for states attorneys came out swinging tonighh. incumbent jessamy and her opponents greg bernstein and sherrill land sea debated strategies nd stattstics here3 at the law school. took aim on the war on degrees drugs and juvenile crime. >> as a result of strategies thht were put together, we have had over a 40 percent indecline in all of those categories, when ú% comes to juvenile crime. >> but i don't think that anyone sitting in this room, can say ú%at juvenile crime is ny better than it was 15 years ago. and in fact, it is worse. >> well, the candidates dii agree that when it comes to those first time low level drrg offenders, treatment not jail, is the answer. jeff abell, fox 45 news "late edition". ú% today is the deadline to request an absentee ballot for the primary election. all mailed requestsshad tt have been received by 8:00 tonight at local board
. >> starttnow with jeff abell who is standing by live at ocean city where they are bracing for the major storm down there. >> that's right. there is some relief at this hour. that this storm appears to be weakening a bit. but it is still packing a ppwerful punch. it is expecced to arrive on the shore here about 3::0, and go until about three in the afternoon. and become more of a wind storm than a rain storm. damage from this storm.do expect they do not expect disaster. >> we'rr looking at tropical force winds in that 40 to 50 miles per hour range. that's a big difference between 90 to 100 miles per hour. we can handle that. we're prepared for that. fast-moving storm. so it should come in early and out of here by early afternoon. that's the good news. >> well, even with tropical force winds. city leaddrs are expectingg3 flooding innocean city. they are expectiig some beach erosion. buttthey want vacationers to %-day weekend in ocean city ror ú%ill on. we're live in ocean city tonight. jeff abell, fox 45 news "late edition". >> thank you, jeff. >> storm watchs and warnings, along the eastern s
we are ttacking hurricane earl, as it makes the way closer to maryllnd. >> jeff abell stands by live in ocean city with a look at howú at this time. already begun o taae preliminary precautions. %-woost of his storm.ting the here in ocean city, todayy the surf has been way up. there have beee plenty of rescues todayy even minor injuries. and while ocean city is expecting damaae from this storm.ú city leaders saa ttday say they are finding it hard to prepare >> since we do anticipate theú storm passing off the shore, about 200 miles offshore, froo ocean city, we are going to get some tropical winds. we will experienceesome flooding, in very low lying where we typicaaly get flooding and beech erosion and rrugh surf, so have to deal with it. >> wwll, despite that, city leaders are still expecting a bannee weekend here in ocean city today. but they do tell those coming to the city, not to begin to travel until all thh storm has passed. -e're live in ocean city today. jeff abell, fox 45 news "late edition". >> thann you very much jeff.3 >> as hurricane earl moves so close to
of the worst roads in the country. but now a new study reveals what bad roadd areecosting you. jeff abell has the price tagg >> liiten closely. to the sounds of frustration. >> potholes are unrepaired. you have some people that may not see it in the last minute. they shift over and there is an are in poor condition. in tte country..3 >> streets are bumpy and everything. but man it will cost me some money. >>>there is a price to pay for rough roads. forever see the results of all of those bumps in the roads. >> one time this lady hit a pothole and lose control and hit somebody else. >> and cost of repairs is soaring. in fact, the same study by the transportation research groou estimates baltimore motorists are spending an extra $603 a year n repairs because of broken roadways. >> it ccst me to do repairs. repaars now a days, if you are not going to a back alley mechanic, you are going to a reputable dealership they will charge for you parts and labor. >> the study blames the crumblinn roadways on budgee shhrtfalls.3 and until the economy is jump staated it cculd e a rough road ahead. jeff ab
to experience hurricane-force winds. jeff abell will be live again from ocean city in less than half an hour. bring you updates on hurricane earl, constantly online. find out where it iss whenever you want, simply by going to foxbaltimore.commhurricane. his life in prison for a murder committed during a home invasion in baltimore county. 28-year-old james tan ner was sentenced for the death of lamont blackstone in october of last year. tan ner broke into blackstone's -ome and held up blackstone's wife, teenage daughter and infant son. when blackstone arrived home, tan ner shot him in the back of the head. lamont blackstone owned a convenience stooe and was a youth football coach. >> trouble oo the rail trackk as marc riders have more delays in %-karen parks is live at penn station to tell us what riders are saying about the wednesday karen? >> that's right we spoke wiih riders on yesterday's train. and those same riders, got here to penn staaion about eight minutee late. which was not that bad. but one of our viewers, was on wednesdaa's traan. a firsthanddlook at the chaos. >> we are stopped
am jeff abell, candidate forrstate's attornny duke it now the a debate. i will have the details, ii a mmmmnt. >> plenty of sunshine, with warm temperatures in the lower to mid 90s today. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ >> a newspaper vendor is struck by a stolen car as the driver tries to get away froo authorities. it happened at north and fulton avenues in west baltimore. kathleen cairns reports tonight. it is a very dangerous job. >> morning sun. >> from selling headllnes. to making headllnes. >> everybody is crashing everywhere. >> a newspaper salesman is hit. the corner is shut down after police say that the driver of a stolen car rams a van. >> it just bam. -verybody crashed. >> and the stolen car slam into a salesman trying to earn his keep on this ooner. >> hit the mannon tte bike selling newspapers. it was a mess. >> could hhve been either of us. >> billy sells on the next block. >> usuully stands right up ther. >> as he surveys the scene, he said there
life in afghanistan. tonight jeff abell shows us how3 he is being remembered. >> everyone knows that christopher was mm life. i raased christopher all of my life, by myself. >> ara vaile is dealing with the pain of losing her only child. >> that's what i will miss he most. and his smile. %-just the way he just enccpturd everything, every day. all about liie for him..3 >> her son christopher fresh out of hiih school when he joined the marines. by the time he was 23,,he was a and the served three tours in iraq. but two years ago, during his final tour ii iraq, vaile was severely injured by a roadside bomb. >> he took shrapnel on the left side of the body. both ear drums shattered. >> he was aaarded the purppe heartt he ould havv come home. refusing to leave the squadaq, bbhind. >> he loved it that much. he loved his men. >> on sunnay, christopher vaile veil now working with a private security firm in afghanistan encountered another roadside bomb. this time it costthim his. >> a mother does not have words to describe the loss f the only child she has had. >>>at the family home
reporting. jessamy ahead 51 percent over challenger greg bernstein. >> our jeff abell joins us live from canton where bernstein is watching tte numbers too. >> there is a lot of optimism here in canton, where a packed houses of supporters are waiting, and watching the returns. in the crowd re attorneys,3 greg bernstein. and friends of we are still awaiting the arrival of the challenger here tonight. he was out early this morning, drumming last minute support at the polls. now bernstein who is former federal prosecutor, out spent his opponent in this race. of course, vowed to get tough on violent offenders. at the polls arlier today, he admitted that he is exciteed and enthousandsed. >> well, we think we have run a very professional campaign. and, i think, that afttr 1553 years people are ready for a change. and more importantly i think, we have tapped into something. people all over the city, are frustrate with the crime, and wwnt to see change. >> well, many here today are energized by today's low voter turnout n many casss that's a good sign for challenger. we will find out later.
of beating a dog to death is ordered to work with animals. jeff abell is live at the spca with the details. jeff? >>well, the court ordered at boozer to spend 50 hours, working right here at the spca. but tonight, direetors here say that abuser is not welcome..3 >> that's a great dog. >> at the spca, there are 500 people that volunteer for the lovv of animals. but recently they learned that an animal abuser was ordered to work here oo. >> we were shocked. ú% last monthh police arrested derrick chambers and charged im aaout the bloody beating death of a miniature pinscher, o much evidence animal rights activists considered the case a slam dunk. >> n this case all the pieces were in place. arrest, confession. and a muuilated dog in a bag. four years in prison, and insteaa they agreed to drop all charges, if he performed 50 %-at the spca.nnty service here a decision that left animal advocates shaking their heads. ever send a convicted co-child mow lesser to the boy scouts to do community service and inappropriate o send a animal abuser to a aaimal shelter. >> it is not faith. or smart.
,,fox 45 news "late edition". >> all right joy thank you. >> all rrght. jeff abell joins us live from canton where challenger ú%enstein is watching the ú%mbers. just as ccosely. jeff? say hi, and thank everyone so mmch for helping. i can tell you that it looks like it is going to be very and it is very early. -ery early. it s impossible right now to %-except to say that it coulddba so i juut wanted to say hello to everybody. and i don't know how long i will -ang around. ú%know a ot f you have been here a long time. nobody leaves. >>well, i don't know what time the bar closes. that's how late it could be. >> i jjst want to thank everybody, from the bottom of my heart. it has been a really long day. i kkow for many, many of you. so long day for me. but it has been exciting, and3 all i can say, is from all the polling places, that we went to, throughout the day, we got the same level oo ennhusiasm and excitement that we have gotten throughout the campaign, ver the last 2 and a half months, as we have gone through neighborhoods across the ciiy. and we are confideet. we think we are
. >> in the waste watch report. jeff abell said it raises new questions about a city that has %-broke.plained it is indeed >> for a city in crisis. >> this is nice. >> this is $28,000 of ax dollars at work. >> nice shower. look at that. >> whose office is this? >> it belongs to the city. but it looks like no other city office. when david scott became director of the city's public works department two years ago, lans to renovate his 400 square foot office got underway. while the city was shopping for of stack stone, mayor was wall preaching hard times. >> one day trash pickup, one day recycling. if ttat doesn't pass,,then we will talk about additional layoffss >> tte city may have cut serrices but there was o stopping the renovation. when it was over, the city had paid more than $12,000 for the furniture. almost 1000 for the zebra print rug and stack stone $1100. for taxpayers, this is a $28,000 >> our firehouses are getting closed and that's what he did to his office. >> the union president for the firefighters.ú >> when i look attthe money spent on this, i think of the firehouses
's cover story, jeff abell breaks down the city remodeling job, and the questions it keeps on raisingg3 about the office. >> whose office is this? >> right up thhre on the city's3 sixth floor. there is an office few taxpayers haae ever seen. >> nice bathroom. nice shower. %-that.ess i helped to pay for remodel 400 square feet of this city office. belongs to the public works department. renovated a year ago when ddvid ssott was director. assthe city was shopping for a custom glass desk and wall of stackksttne, the mayor was preaching hard times. >> one day trash pickup, one day recycling. if that doesn't pass, then we will talk abouu additionalú layoffs. >>the ity may have cuu services, but there was o stopping the renovatton. by the time it wws over, theú city had paid more than $12,000 for the furniture. $1200 for the director's chair. almost $1000 for the zebra prrnt rug. ann more than $1100 for that wall of stack stone. for taxpayers, thii is a $28,000 office, but for city firefighters, it is a source of frustration. >> when i look at the money spent on this, i think of all the f
general. jeff abell joins us with whyythe activists want charges filed against several doctors. >> thee are alleady under investigation after a botched abortion. but tonight operation rescue, the pro-life organization is demanding three doctors be criminally charged. >> women across americc, are being butchered. >> outside of the tomorrow's office. of the state to look at this case.ú >> we want prosecution to happen within the state of maryland. >> protestors arr demanding -riminal charges. stemming from an abortion that almost cost an 18-year-old woman her life. >> we demand for a criminal investigation, we call upon this attorney general not to let the politics of abortion enter into this. and look at it n its face, for its action. >> pooiie in elkton say new jersey doctors steven brigham brought the teenager to maryland for an abortion performed by doctors nicola riley and george shepherd. but during the procedure serious complications developed. foocing the doctors to drop the woman off at the hospital. >> women n americaaare not receiving the safe legal abortions, in fact, they
, in the state. are bbing put at-risk. jeff abell tells s pilots are warning that a simple eam of light could bring own an aircraft. >> they are popular souvenirs, purchased anywhere in ocean cityys boardwalk. but when lasers are pointed sky ward they could prove deadly. a helicopter takes off from martin state airportt safety is the chief concerr. and on a sunny day llke this, there is little toobe concerned about. but at night. target. >> it began with a isolated incident and now the momentum is picking up. starting to occur once a week now. >> people are using green ú%ysers and shooting them into the eyes of the pilots. >> if the flight crew is blinded total control of the aircraft is lost at that point. >> this "youtube" video from a british news report shows how %-be.ienting a green laser cann a green laser is 35 times more and it could cause what is called flash blinding. temporarily taking away a pilot's sight. ú% also causes after imaging, thatthappens after staring into a bright light. ú%e effects can be devastating. >> we cannot pulllover to the side of the road. the effects of
after a gloomy jobs report is removed ffrm its own ebsite. jeff abell is standing by at the state office complex where the action has been unleashed a politicaa attack. jeff? >>well, that job report painted a grim picture when this department initially posted to its website. but within hours, the report was replaced by another report. which painted a far less gloomy picture. well that drew cries of a cover up from reppblican gubernatorial challenger bob ehrlich. today governor o'malley defended the department saying the initial posting was only a draft. -nddshould have never bben posted to the site. >> and in the campaign year, you know, there will be people that look at every iece of news to be twisted as some sort of doom or forbbding depending on the siie oo the camppign they are on.ú so if you have any more questions? >>well, today the governor insisted he knew nothing about any of this. until well after the action was taken. we're live at the state ffice complex, fox 45 newss >> okay jeff. latest information on the november 2 election. general election. foxbaltimore.com/vo
much tte bad @%aas are costing mmtorists. jeff abell standing by with thh it ddesn't sound so good, jeff. >> reporter: yyu're right. here in the baltimore metro area -nd hances are you'll feel a bump in the road. a new study shows that this area's roadways are the tenth worst in the country. @%conddtion and there's a price3 transportation research group, reeearchers eetimate motooists %-a yeaa n vehicle reeairs all because offbrokennroodways. go tt any auto repair shop and thaa annual priceetag comes as littte surprise. >> the streets are bumpy ann@ anythingg it's oinn to cost meesome money. >> t could damage our tires, the poo holls cause a lot off33 damage.@ >> repairs now, if you're not going to a ack alley mechanic, you''e going to a reputable dealership, they are going to charge you for parts and labor. >> reporter: while the report blames those poor roads on budget short falls and state budgets, and by the way, the city with the worst oods in the san josee california. jeef abell, fox 45 news at 5:30. >> hanks very much. >>> fall begins tonight but it still feels liie s
playing). >> >>> good eveninn. i'm karen >>> i'm jeff abell. >>> today marks the 9th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on american soil. >> (music playing) >>reporter: it was a morning of tears and tributes. 2,752 names of the victims were read oo a day they were remembered by their loved ones and our country. the somber nd pain and sorrow. vice full of president joe biden laid a wreath at the reflecting pool. others honored the memory of those who died. 3 c1 >> we have learned inch by inch that the best way through the dark nights of ur personal sorrow s to link our hands with those who can lead us towwrds the daybreak of a new day. >> let me just say one thiig. let today never ever be a >> to this day, thhy remind us not just by how they gave their lives, but by how they lived their lives, that being a hero is not just a matter of fate, it's a matter of choice. >>reporter: meanwhile, the construction of the 9/11 memorial continues. the 0th anniversary next year, the museum and two massive pools set within the footprints of the twin towers will be completed, a
proposaas to into trouble.rbines hhve run ú% tonight's cover story, jeff abell examines wind resistance. %-pikesville.et corner of >> when you are here, you know, you feel like you are in eden. >> rutt golddtein. >> that's a hybrid right there. >> has forever liied a life of green. >> i have been a life long vegetarian. >> everrbody is for alternative %->> but not long ago, a new wid came blowing her way. down the street a neighbor had asked the county for permission to build a 80-foot tall wind turbines. >> first i thought what is a wind turbine and how high is 80 feet? >> farms have long used these windmill to say generate ú%ectricity and cut costs. >> taking advantage of the free wind. keeps on blocking from this side. >> ttking advvntage of that, to maae electricity. >> on this horse farm in frederick county, four turbines produce more powee than the farm can use. >> meters are running bacc wards. >> n ttis pikesville community3 the windmiil proposal drew a guss of opposition. >> i don't thinn 120-foot igh turbines belonns anywhere in the >> as president of her neighborhood assoc
with comments, jessamy mmde aboot her opponent. jeff abell shows us why it is drawing fire. >> we are proud to endorse ttesú >> in northeast baltimore today. state's attorrey jessamy accepted the endorsement from baltimore enter denominattonal ministerial alliance. %-ministers that listened laste month, as jessamy bbasted her opponents anti-crime plan. >> if he is elected, he would take us back, 60 years. >> video from that meeting is3 now rolling on "youtube". but the meessge is striking a nerve. critics complain that jessamy was attemmting to inject race into tte campaign. >> it is a 60 year emark stood on its own and nothing to i would less it pass and say it is not about race, because there -bout race, it seems to me tt be code. >> shame on them for interjeeting something that had nooreleeance at all to what i was saying. ú% jessamy insisss her comments referred only to the crime policies of 60 years ago. ú%me.he racial conflict of the >> it is not for me to try to inttrpret what miis essamy is saying. >> today challenger bernstein defended his crime plln saaing the focus on lockin
a trial that jeff abell, fox 45 news athan a 10:00. >> and currii is running unopposeed in november. >> president ooama has appointed a new coosumer protectionsar. heesaid harvard professor warren is going to take wall street to task. he will overseeethe creation of a new financial consumer protection agency and sse will %nforce sooe of the toughest history. republicans in thh senate are also howling at the president's tactics. >> this is like the czarrof all this person, the process is being circumvenned because the presidenn knows that this persoo could not be confirmed. i find that to be abusive. -> the senate would normally have to confirm anyone with this kind of ppwer. coming up at 11:00. how the president got around this rule. >> nearly one in evvry seven babies born in the city of baltimore havv eee others. city is teaming up with several groups to change that. new reports at reginald f. lewis museum recommended more education, outreach to minorities and proviiing better access to health care.3>> pregns the number one reason that girls do not complete high school. the grad
attacked an he will eldeely gle3 burnie woman. jeff abell is live wherr police >> residents in country clubú estatts are on high alert ttnight. a burglar believed to be in his 20s isson the loose. and his 83-year-old victim is recovering. >> i guess you can call it may >> in country club estates, neighbors re struggling to understand who would want o hurt their 83-year-old neighbor. >> a woman keeps to heeself. she would not hurt a fly. >> she is the nicest lady you would eeer want to meet. >> early yesterday morning accidentally say a burglar forced his way into her home and attacked her. made a forced entrr into he residence, at a certain point hh sexually assaulted her and fled on foot.ú >> minutes after the attack, police found what is believed neighbor's backyardd ú%i understand that he pulled it from underneath of her. maybe he was afraid there was evidence on it. >> the victim one of the first to move into the community, more than 50 yyars ago. sse knows her eighbors, and her neighbors know her. ú% she leaves her front door open. she is living theee by herself. husbann p
into the massachusetts coast. we begin our coverage in ocean city. >> jeff abell reports beachgoer3 are saying farewell to huuricane earl. >> 12 hours later the clouds ú%rttd and the sun came out. hurricane earl is hiitory. it's amazing what mother ature can do. lost its strength, but it still put on a show. >> it's definitely a sight to see. you don't see his very often. >> mother nature is pretty powerful. seeing t in the fllsh and blood, it'sspretty lively. >> reporter: oceanncity had ú%aced for the wrath of hurricane earl, but when it came ashore, the storm weakened, delivering wind gusts of 403 miles per hour and creating minor flooding. >> we're going to experience some erosion out there. we don't know to what degree. you have to be patient becausee3 what looks like a great loss of sand tomorrow, two weeks from now a lot of that will build back up with the waves and thh current. >> reporter: by noon travelers city leaders feared the hurricane would scare holiday travelers. instead, a it may have attracted them. >> we weren't going to come because of the hurriccne. we figured you know what??3
they are on. >> jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> well toddy the governor insisted he was naware offany of this untilllong after it was done. you can hear everything the governor had to say, go to >> and while some democratic caadidates seem to be avoiding president obama this campaign season. that is not the case for governor o'malley. >> an important message, ffom president obama.3 >> maryland, you have a choice in the election this fall. a choice whether you keep moving forward with the hard working leadership and vision, of slip backwards?ey, or do you >> the resident recorded a raddo ad for o'malley. release comes one day after o'malley attended aabill signing ceremonn with the president in washington. and stay with fox 45 news for governor. 2010. foxbaltimore.com/vote >> a baltimore city police offfcer is killed in a car crash. catonsville died after crashing his truck in pennsylvania last night. hh is a 31 year poliieeveteran. commissioner bealefield talked about fowler's dedication o his job. >> ii factt,even at the time of his death, he was on his way to attend aatracking in
. abel maldonado is still requesting that people are able to get to the homes. >> the center of all this, pg&e. >> jeff. >> good morning. >> the ntsb investigation into the cause of this explosion what is their role in this from pg&e? >> we will cooperate fully with the national transportation safety board. they are the federal agency to respond to check on a gas pipeline there will lead a and investigation and that will be the source of information as the gulf port. will cooperate, fully with the ntsb and any other government entity. >> and some people are just catching up with the particular is even though this was at 6:30 on for tonight. could you provide a recap of what you know? and how the gas lines to be involved. >> we are at an interesting position of the ntsb has begun. we are not able to be responsive as we would like relating to the national gas. and under federal law all details concerning this accident must be reviewed and approved by the ntsb. before being provided to individuals. and unless and until we get clearance from the ntsb we're able to restrict our discussions re
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